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Aug 162012


^^^Old photo^^ I wish it was cold enough to wear shirts like this but I’d faint of heat stroke in Tokyo right now…

  14 Responses to “Ribbon Pigtails リボンツインテール髪型”

  1. Where did u get these clothes? I mean from the video. 教えてくれないの? *3*
    U r so sweeeeet, wanna buy u flowers and candies :3

  2. When i saw u .. Im dead :)
    Love the video

  3. Thank you Dakota for the upload of a new video!
    Your hairstyle is very cute!!(^-^)

    My birthday is September too
    And I become 18 years oldヽ(・∀・)ノ

    I become an uncle…(´Д`)

  4. I CAN’T @ THIS

  5. Beautiful !*_* When You Answer Me? =(

  6. You are very beautiful!
    Sorry for the daring, but you have a body so beautiful when your face …
    I’d love you to do a post with several new photos

  7. I love your hair videos.
    are really curious, this last video I really liked, did not know how to do that kind of hairstyle.

  8. HD photos! Yay :) Thank you, I love the haistyle (L)

  9. You should do a Vlog. You haven’t done one in a while.

  10. Hello from England! I just wanted to say this hairstyle is so cute, I’m wearing it right now ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ あの。。。きゅうじつわいかがおすごしでしたか? That is, if you are on holiday? I was wondering if you could do a blog post on how things are in Tokyo. Some family I have over there said they were very hot too. Well thanks for taking the time to read this, ばいばい!(^_^)☆

  11. You look like a girl from manga! :)))

  12. Dakota-chan…
    I just wanted to say that I came across your pictures and videos very recently and I just loved your style, your personality and (I know you hear that all the time) your looks, not to mention your sweet sweet adorable voice *¬*
    Please keep up the good work as a model and don’t stop making us smile with your pictures and videos ok?

    I really wanted to see a couple pictures of you smiling more tho… you are always kinda serious on the pictures but on the videos we see that you have a lovely personality and a gorgeous smile.

    Anyhow, you now have another big fan who will sure follow your career and cheer for you on each step you make towards the bright future that I’m sure is ahead of you!

    xoxo from Brazil

  13. Awww! I’m totally gonna use this, it’s seems so beautiful… <3

  14. Please post new videos! I miss them!!!

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